Our aim today is the same as when we opened Dragon Well in 1998: to serve delicious and healthy Chinese food with warm, friendly service.

While seeking to showcase cuisines from all around China, we prepare each dish with the freshest ingredients possible, and make all of our potstickers, mu shu pancakes and duck buns by hand. Regional wines and select teas have been thoughtfully chosen to complement the vibrant flavors of our menu.

We also hope to create an inviting and comfortable setting for our guests, thereby showing that Chinese food is for more than just take-out. During the day, ample natural light and high ceilings encourage a restorative lunch, while in the evening, large, street-facing windows and the energy of Chestnut Street provide an engaging backdrop for a convivial dinner gathering.

Fortunately, we have been blessed with a caring and dedicated staff, and hope that their effort and warmth come through in your meal at Dragon Well.

With gratitude,

Christina and Gary